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Commercial, WACX-DT, Ch. 55 / Orlando Fl. (DMA)

Leesburg/Orlando/Melbourne  DMA - Gainesville DMA

Phone Number: (407) 263-4040 EXT 204

General Sales Manager Email: cgentry@wacxtv.com

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Electronic Graphic - 30 Second TV Spot Special:
Includes one hour FREE Editing, plus air-time.

WACX will:
Produce and air One Custom Thirty-second commercial.
Includes: Graphics, Editing, Voice Over
Limited to: Content provided by Client

  • 25 Airings $750.00
  • 40 Airing $875.00
  • 100 Airing $1800.00

Spots to air ROS (run of schedule selected by station) up to 3 times per day.

Client will:
Provide Stations with: (:30) thirty second script with facts about product or event, Submit 3 to 5 photos or digital equivalent.

NOTE: Script must include name of city if referring to an event.


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Mailing Address

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